Jan Sinclair - Senior Healthcare Public Health Nurse

August's "2 Minutes With...", PHPN's new, regular feature for the North-West Population Health & Prevention Network caught up with Jan Sinclair, one of Stockport NHS FT's Senior Healthcare Public Health Nurses, PHE's National Lead Nurse and Physical Activity Clinical Champion.

Jan Sinclair

Tell us about your role...

I am based in an acute hospital environment and my role is focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle for patients, visitors and staff. I set up a health promotion assessment document, care pathways and a user friendly electronic referral system so that patients can be referred to our local community teams for support in lifestyle behaviour change. I liaise with many different teams during my work and ensure that the MECC philosophy is integral to patient engagement with staff. I support the surgical ERAS team as well as the Cancer Service team in promoting optimum health for their patients. I have many opportunities to inform staff about healthy lifestyles in my liaison with the education team and have for the past 4 years helped to organise an All Learners Public Health conference which has increasingly been successful. HEENW have supported the conference and it’s philosophy by including it in their Community Outreach Programme. I have a really positive working relationship with not only Trust departments but also the Public Health Team based at the council as well as a National Network of PH practitioners who regularly meet to share updates relating to important initiatives.

How did you get into your area of work?

I was initially seconded into the role during a 6 month project which was looking at revising the assessment of health promotion for patients, producing health promotion care pathways ( which were ultimately published in 2010) and a referral system which would efficiently process patients from hospital into the community based lifestyle services.
From the initial x9 wards involved in the project this then became a service development throughout the whole Trust and is now embedded in Trust formal documentation.

Tell us about your public health career journey...

I have always enjoyed promoting health as a nurse and see it as an integral part of my role. I have learnt so much from the specialists I have worked with in terms of approaches to public health and how those important health messages transfer into clinical practice. I now see public health as being more of a priority in acute Trusts than ever with key documents such as the new 10 Year Plan emphasising the need for action on prevention.

Tell us a bit more...

I process patient referrals into our community prevention services from the Trust and where possible visit them in the ward environment. I am involved in CQUIN audits and any other public health audits for the Trust (currently, British Thoracic Society). I organise many physical activities for staff in order to highlight the benefits of good health by being a role model and receive much support from our local community providers in providing the session staff. I attend any health related meetings such as Nutrition and Hydration and Health and Wellbeing. I am involved in the process of introducing new initiatives to the Trust such as the current CURE programme. I deliver many different types of behaviour change training sessions both in and outside of the Trust (a key part of my PHE role is delivering training to healthcare staff in the NW). I take part in supporting the Trust prevention programme by attending displays advertising the Health and Wellbeing incentives on offer for staff.

What have been your career highlights / greatest career achievements?

  • Presenting at the WHO conference in 2010
  • Winning a Trust award for impact on patient care
  • Lead author of the Care Pathways Journal article
  • Nursing Times shortlist for Partnership working
  • Student Nursing Times award winner for partnership of the Year 2017
  • PHE Clinical Champion role 2017 – 2019
  • PHE Lead Nurse role for PACC programme

How do you keep yourself motivated?

This is an easy question – I just enjoy making a difference to people’s lives by doing something I enjoy, whether it’s patients or staff.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the constantly changing environments I work in and have so many opportunities to effect change especially with my new PHE role which links in perfectly with my NHS public Health role. No one day is ever the same so I love the variety of the role.

On the flipside, what do you enjoy least about your job?

Being a one person team can be a very busy life but I have lots of people I liaise with though so the job is never lonely but find it frustrating without even simple admin support which would free up a lot of my time.

Lastly, would you recommend your job to others? If so, why?

Absolutely 100%, as there is much more focus on public health in healthcare environments now and it is in the best interests of the NHS to increase those links embedding prevention into everyday culture.